Statement of Faith

I believe that God has given us His perfectly preserved, infallible, inerrant, inspired word of God today that is found solely in the King James Bible. I reject all other translations or versions in English but the KJV. I believe that all other Bibles of other languages must be derived from the same family tree as the KJV. I do not believe one has to go to the Greek or Hebrew to understand the Bible. I believe that the Bible is the SOLE absolute authority for faith and practice. I believe the Holy Spirit will ONLY lead according the Bible. Psalms 12:6-7John 14:26, 15:24II Timothy 3:16-17Rev 22,

I believe God is as he says he is; A triune God. He is thrice holy in that he is three persons in one. I do not believe that the Son is the Father or that the Son is now the Spirit. The Father and Son and Spirit are three yet one. Genesis 1:26-27Isaiah 6I John 5:7-8Colossians 1:16-18John 1John 14John 10

I believe that Jesus Christ was the promised seed of Abraham. I believe that he is the promised Messiah. I believe that he IS God the son, the son of God, who was born of a virgin, free from a fleshly nature, was without sin. I believe he lived a sinless life to prove that he was God made flesh and died a bloody death on the cross for the sins of all. I believe that he was buried and literally took our punishment in hell. I believe he bodily rose again on the third day. I believe there are many infallible proofs to his resurrection and that he literally ascended into heaven. I believe he is coming back in like manner. Genesis 3:15Genesis 12Romans 2 & 4Galatians 2-4Isaiah 7:14I Tim 3:15Acts 2Acts 1Matt 24Rev 1I Cor 15:3-4I Thess 4

I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe he is the third person of the trinity. I believe he is as much God as is The Son and The Father. I believe that he will only lead, operate, govern, teach, and instruct according to the Word of God. I do not believe we should ignore the Holy Spirit. He alone reproves the world of sin, righteousness and of judgment. John 14-16I John 5:7-8Rom 8Eph 4:30

I believe that the gospel is the death burial resurrection of Christ and any gospel presentations or gospel literature must be centered on this important doctrine. I believe that salvation is by grace through faith. I believe that repentance of sin is a work and is not required for salvation. I believe that a person must repent of anything dead works and turn to faith in God. I believe salvation is eternal upon one’s belief in Christ coupled with their confession to the Lord for forgiveness of sins or as it is commonly known “Once Saved Always Saved” Romans 10:9-15ICor 15:3-4John 1:12, 3:15-18, 5:24, 11:25I John 5:10-13Eph 1:7 Titus 1:2 Heb 6

I believe man is sinful. I believe man sins because it is his nature to sin. I do not believe man will come to God on his own. I believe man must be convinced of his need of a Saviour and that this convincing is done by the Holy Spirit in various avenues but not limited to the light of creation, the scriptures, and the confrontation of a believer in sharing the gospel. Man cannot save himself and all of his righteousness is filthy rags at best. Romans 3:10-23Romans 5:12Isaiah 53John 6.

I believe in the literal bodily rapture of the church. I do not believe in a secret rapture. I believe every eye will see the Lord in the clouds. The dead in Christ will rise first. Those who are alive and remain will be gathered together in the air. I believe that the Bible teaches that the rapture is after the tribulation (mid-week) and before God pours out his wrath upon sinful man on earth. Matt 24Rev 1Rev 6, I Thess 4, Mark 13

I believe in a literal heaven. I believe in a literal hell. I believe that hell is not the final punishment for the ungodly. I believe that death and hell will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity to be punished by the presence of the Lord. Rev 22John 14, Luke 16, Rev 20-21

I believe in the separation of genders in attitude and attire. I believe homosexuality is an abomination against God. I do believe that those who are defiantly and rebelliously homosexual have exhausted the opportunities that God gives every man for salvation and are turned over to a reprobate mind. I believe that divorce should be for fornication before marriage. I also believe that an unsaved person is permitted to divorce a believer if that one no longer desires to be married to a believer. Romans 1Lev 22Heb 13:4Deut 241 Tim 2,

I believe in a Local Church. I do not believe in denominations, movements, or other organizations that can supersede or govern the local church. I believe that the body of Christ is comprised of all believers from the beginning of the world until the rapture of the church. Rev 2-3, Colossians 1, John 3:16, Ephesians 5, Matt 5.

The Bible